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SPA REVIEW: Point Zero Floatation Center, Abu Dhabi

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Point Zero Flotation Center is located in Khalifa City A, Abu DhabiIt’s traditional for people to make a number of resolutions to mark the New Year. Admittedly, many of these are often discarded a few weeks later, but the team at has welcomed the arrival of 2014 with a unified pact to take better care of ourselves. After all, most people have a non-stop routine in today’s world, where finding the time to relax and unwind can be a challenge.

To kick-start our resolution, we visited the Point Zero Floatation Center in Abu Dhabi, which opened last year as the UAE’s only medically licensed floatation centre and lifestyle management facility. That’s quite a surprise, as floatation therapy has been around for over 50 years… but we’re thrilled to finally have a centre in the UAE now!

If you’re new to floatation and perhaps a little unsure, rest assured that scientists and psychologists have been advocating the benefits for some time. It can help with anything from arthritis and back pain to sports rehabilitation and stress relief.

Point Zero Flotation Center is the UAE’s only medically licensed floatation centre and lifestyle management facilityLocated near the Al Forsan sports complex in Khalifa City A, Point Zero Floatation Center has a modern and luxurious design with similar standards to top quality spas. There’s even a resident doctor on hand to offer specialist advice and make sure that customers are getting the most out of their treatments.

We decided to book a consultation package for AED 500, which is a great starting point for newcomers and even those with a little experience. It includes a floatation session, although a 30-minute consultation only is available for AED 200.

The total duration of a floatation session is 60 minutes, which we’re told is equal to four hours of deep sleep. Customers can either book a spacious float cabin or a cosy float pod. Either option comes with robes, slippers and other amenities. The sessions are very private and it’s recommended not to wear anything, although disposable underwear is available for anybody that might not be comfortable otherwise.


The cabin or pod is filled with ten inches of water (at body temperature) and saturated with a combination of magnesium and sulphate, which keeps your body floating in the water as you lie back, instead of sinking down.

Floatation therapy can help with anything from arthritis and back pain to sports rehabilitation and stress reliefWe choose to float in complete darkness and silence, as absence of light and sound apparently leads to better results. However, there is the option of underwater light colour therapy and relaxing music too, which sounds appealing for our next visit!

Once the session approached its end, the lights slowly turned on and we knew it was time to have a shower and get dressed. We felt energised, wide awake and ready to take on the world! Adding to the overall experience, a number of complementary massages are also available, including Thai, Ayurvedic, Sports, Medical and Aromatherapy, which are tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

We would love to try the massages during our next trip and Point Zero Floatation Centre actually offers discounts if you book multiple floatation sessions or a ‘lifestyle change package’, which includes the sessions and massages. That’s all the motivation we need to head back again in the near future! You can watch a video of the floatation centre below.


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